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Executive Coaching Client Testimonials

“If you’re looking to learn something new about leadership, but more particularly about yourself and would enjoy an empowering environment then this is the course for you. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the content, space, support and challenge and would highly recommend it to others.”


“I had four coaching sessions with Pamela in 2016. Pamela really helped me take a step back and look at my life and career objectively. Pamela’s patient, honest, and open approach to the conversation made me feel safe to speak about any subject. This allowed me to analyse what I needed to do to be happy both professionally and personally. My sessions with Pamela were extremely positive with the results having an ongoing influence on my approach to career and home life.”

GK, Engineering Sector

“Pam and I were able to establish a trusted relationship from day one. Thanks to her vast coaching experience, she was able to swiftly adapt her coaching style to my personality and coaching needs. I can highly recommend Pam as an executive coach.”

EN, Technology Sector

“During the madness of my MBA in Smurfit, I found my coaching sessions with Pamela to be a breath of fresh air. Pamela’s coaching techniques helped me to really understand what was going on in my mind at the time, whether it be personal, professional or academic. I was then able to prioritise the most important things in my life and refocus my mind on them. I walked away from each session feeling refreshed and motivated.”

CD, MBA Candidate

“Pamela helped me to prioritize what was important in both my personal and professional life. She introduced me to the concept of making space for things that I enjoyed in addition to managing my career goals. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the root of a situation and never failed to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. Pamela’s relaxed and welcoming demeanour always made it easier to discuss topics that would have otherwise been challenging.”

AOH, Coaching Client, Engineering Industry

Coaching Supervision Testimonials

“I have been in Supervision with Pam for the past year, and find the experience invaluable. It allows me to step back and reflect on my coaching practice, find more clarity around certain themes, in a safe yet challenging environment. It is extremely beneficial for my personal learning and with my continuing professional development as a coach and to my coaching practice. Pam is an excellent supervisor, she has a unique ability to connect with people, and a very intuitive way of helping you get to the core of the issue. She works very naturally in the creative space, with a warm, empathic and challenging when required, style.”

ED, Executive Coach

“I came to know Pamela through the Business and Executive Coaching Diploma at UCD Smurfit. I immediately sought Pamela out to work with as my Coach Supervisor as I was attracted to her deep listening approach. I have found Pamela to be a tremendous help to my coach practice. She is resourceful, intuitive, compassionate and encouraging. I am impressed by her gentle curiosity and her ability to hold back from providing the answers (despite her impressive and eclectic well of knowledge and experience!). She has helped me to develop my self awareness and my belief in my own capabilities. Pamela will help you to reach inside yourself to access the answers you may be looking for.”

AS, Executive Coach

“Pamela was my supervisor for an Executive Coaching Diploma program at UCD's Smurfit Business School. I found her to be very knowledgeable, intuitive and insightful. She is very highly trained and highly regarded among her peers at UCD”

DK, Executive Coach

“Coaching Supervision is essential for all Coaches to constantly improve & develop coaching skills; crucial for the coach to best serve clients, to help them get the results they need and want. Pamela Fay is a wonderful, experienced Coaching Supervisor. After each session with Pamela, I leave, having really enjoyed the time and most importantly with new insights to help my work. Investing with Pamela as your Coaching Supervisor is an excellent choice – I would highly recommend her.”

AB, Executive Coach

“I didn’t know what to expect from Pamela as my coach supervisor and it has been an experience I have learned a lot from. The process and relationship is professional and supportive. I have found Pamela to be very knowledgeable and helpful to me in developing my coaching skills. She is a great communicator and always follows up. The time spent with her is extremely valuable.”

CK, Executive Coach

“My coaching supervision with Pam is invaluable to my coaching practice. After every session I have real clarity on insights from coaching that were not obvious to me when I first walked into the room. Pam creates a safe space to explore my coaching practice from a very personal to professional level. I feel challenged, supported and inspired through my supervision.”

PM, Executive Coach

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