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2006 News Archive

Faithful days

14 December 2006

Christmas can mean different things to different religions or it may not be significant at all. What does it mean for the workplace? (Elaine Larkin, Irish Independent) download

Minding those Ps and Qs

15 October 2006

Bad manners can cost businesses dearly by contributing to lost revenue and employee and customer churn. (Linda Daly, Sunday Tribune) download

Business says no to bad manners

23 May 2006

Bad manners and unacceptable behaviour on the part of your employees could be losing you business or worse still, your customers. (Lifetimes) download

Are bad manners bad for business?

May 2006

Pam Fay of Business Performance Perspectives certainly believes so and she recently launched a new consulting arm to tackle what she says is a growing problem for Irish industry. more

Tigers don't say thanks

30 April 2006

Pamela Fay has set up a consultancy to tackle bad manners in Irish business. (Frank Fitzgibbon, Sunday Times) download