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Our process typically takes three weeks, at the end of which you and your senior team will understand exactly what is required on a week-by-week basis to achieve your goals. You will have a two-page plan clearly setting out who is responsible for which activities, and will be able to effectively monitor your progress to ensure you stay on track.

Below we have described a typical timetable for business performance management, which includes meetings with senior management.

However we're aware that every company is different and we can tailor our programme to suit your own needs.

Week One Actions

  • Reviewing and auditing of the current performance management system.
  • Agreement with senior management on the key strategic areas for year.
  • Drafting of the performance scorecard for the business.
  • Setting up of the annual targets for the business.

Week Two Actions

  • Completing of the company performance scorecard.
  • Allocating objectives and targets to each of the Directors.
  • Round table agreement on how the team will track and measure results including a performance reporting system.

Week Three Actions

  • Review of the first monthly performance report.
  • Delivery of the first performance management meeting.
  • Management of one to one reviews with each of the senior management.
  • Ensuring that the monthly monitoring process is up and running and delivering actions.

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If you're curious about your current performance processes, you can download our business performance assessment below. This will allow you to conduct a top-line audit to see where you are and how you might benefit from performance management coaching.

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