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1. When making a business introduction you should:

a) Wing it.
b) Introduce a client to your colleague.
c) Introduce your colleague to a client.
d) Don't do anything. It is their responsibility to introduce themselves to one another.

2. What should you do if you see someone at a business event that you have met before, but you can't remember their name?

a) Ignore the person.
b) Introduce yourself, apologise for not remembering their name but say where you met them before.
c) Introduce yourself and wing it.
d) Try to find out the person's name from others at the event and then introduce yourself.

3. Where should you place your napkin during lunch or dinner?

a) On your lap.
b) Tucked into your shirt.
c) Beside your plate.

4. What should you do in a restaurant if your host is delayed?

a) Wait at the table without ordering anything.
b) Wait in the bar area for your host to arrive before going to the table.
c) Wait at the table and order some wine to drink while you wait.

5. What should you do if you need to take an urgent call during a meeting?

a) Leave your phone on the table and take the call when it rings.
b) Put your phone onto silent mode and ask your colleagues if it is okay to take a call that you are expecting.
c) Cancel the meeting.

6. What is the acceptable time limit for returning business emails?

a) Two hours.
b) Within the working day.
c) It depends on the situation.

7. Where should you wear a name badge for ease of reading?

a) On your left shoulder.
b) On your right shoulder.
c) It doesn't matter.

8. When expressing thanks to someone who has given you a gift, you should:

a) Send an e-mail because it is faster and more efficient.
b) Send a handwritten note.
c) Call within 72 hours.
d) A verbal thank you is enough.

9. A client has been waiting for about five minutes to meet with you but you're running a little behind schedule, and you need a few more minutes to finish up, so you:

a) Take a minute to walk out and apologise in person and offer him a cup of coffee and the paper and explain how long more you will be.
b) Have a colleague tell him you are running behind schedule and you will be a few more minutes.
c) Finish what you're working on - you'll get it done faster that way and they'll only have to wait a few more minutes.

10. You are in a meeting with a colleague and a client. You have noticed that your colleague has made a mistake in some of the documentation. What do you do?

a) Highlight the mistake in front of everyone.
b) Ask for a five minute break and resolve the mistake outside of the meeting with your colleague.
c) Ignore it and move on with the meeting.

Business Etiquette Courses

Our business etiquette courses are designed to give business people the confidence to handle a wide variety of work and social situations and represent themselves and their organisations in a consistently professional manner.

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